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We Are Open!!

New Policy’s & Procedures

New Policy’s & Procedures

You Will Be Contacted The Day Before Your Appointment And Asked: 

Have You Had A Cough?

Have You Had A Fever?

Have You Had Shortness Of Breath?

Have You Been In Contact With Anyone That Has COVID-19 Or Any Symptoms In The Last 14 Days?

If The Answer Is Yes To Any Of These Questions You Will Need To Be Rescheduled Per New State Laws

*Text Your Stylist Upon Arrival And Wait In Your Car Until They Text Back Saying You May Come In, We No Longer Have A Waiting Area Per New State Law

*Please Bring A Mask , If You Forget Your Mask We Will Have Them Available At An Additional Cost,

If You Have A Hair Appointment The Mask Needs To Loop Around Your Ears And Be One You Don’t Mind If Color/Bleach Potentially Gets  *Your Temperature Will be Taken At The Door

Temps Above 100.3 Will Be Rescheduled Per New State Law

*You Will Be Filling Out A Consent Form So Please Bring A Pen

*You And Your Stylist Will Wash Your Hands For A Minimum Of 20 Seconds

*You Will Be Placed In A Fresh Cape For Hair Appointments (this isn’t new)

*Your Stylist Will Change Into A New Smock/Apron

*No Extra Bodies At Appointments 

We No Longer Have A Waiting Area Per New State Laws- 

This Means No:


Significant Others 


If You Bring Someone And They Can Not Wait In The Car, Resulting In Having To Cancel The Service, You Will Still Be Charged 100% Of The Service

*Limit The Amount Of Items You Bring Into The Salon

*No Food or Beverages 

(As You Will Be Wearing A Mask)

*Before & After Your Appointment Your Stylist Will Go Through A Rigorous Cleaning And Sanitizing Process Which Adds Extra Time So Please Be Paitent While We Get This New Process Down

We Know This Is All New And Will Feel Strange But Bear With Us While We Navigate Through This

We Are also Excited To Have You Back